Cape High Kindergarten Book!

Free to those of you with KDP unlimited, and .99c for everyone else, this book gives us a little glimpse at the life of our youngest supers^^ I hope you enjoy it, I absolutely loved writing it!

Cape High Book 24 is out!

It’s out! Heads up, it’s a little bit scarier/creepier than usual, but I still like it. I hope you guys do, as well!

Cape High Days Past 1 is out!

This story is the first of a spin-off series featuring the background stories of established adult characters! In other words, this is how Toodles became an elf. It can be read as a stand-alone!

Cape High Advent 2018 Day 25

Merry Christmas everyone! May your day be merry and bright, and may your Happy New Year be nice and happy! Thank you all for sticking with me this long, and I hope you stick around for all the books I write in the future<3

Now, on with the show!

Century Claus (part 2)

“I must stop this from coming, I must STOP THIS WHOLE THING!” Skye yells as she dances around the room Century’s working in. He tries not to laugh as she stops in front of the family dog, cooing over it. “You’re a good boy, yes, you are!” she says, scratching them behind the ears. “Well, unless you’re a girl, that is, then you’re a good girl!” she says.

“And we’re done,” Century says, standing. “Next house, Sugar,” he says, holding out his hand to her. She looks at his hand.

“Shouldn’t you be wearing gloves?” she demands, just barely touching his hand. “Spending this entire night holding hands was NOT in my contract!” She drags him through the wall, heading straight into the next house.

Century checks his phone, finding the information at hand and then reaching into the magic bag to get the presents. It goes smoothly, as Skye happily eats the Christmas cookies left for Santa. The hand-holding issue is completely forgotten as she makes the gingerbread men battle it out before biting their heads off. He takes one of them away from her, finishing it off. “This burns a lot of energy, sugar,” he says.

“I was just about to have them turn into zombies,” she complains. “On to the next one!” She grabs his hand this time, pulling him on to the next house and then looking around the place with big, sparkling eyes. “All these ornaments, all the trees, all the pretty stuff! I LOVE IT! Hey, hey, let’s sneak into my base and leave presents for the girls!”

“That was Kris’s job, Sugar,” he says. “I’m just doing the southern hemisphere this year.”

“I bet he didn’t, though,” she says, playing with some of the ornaments. “I never got Christmas presents from Santa. But, I guess since I was always moving around, it makes sense… that and the fact that I’m ALWAYS naughty!” She poses, but her grin seems a bit fake, now. He stares at her, his hands coming up, and then going down again as he forces himself to stop.

“I will personally make sure that doesn’t happen again,” he says quietly.

“Eeeeh, I’m grown up, now,” she says, looking around. “Hey, what’s that white berry stuff? I keep seeing it in all the houses.”

“That?” he asks, coming over behind her and pointing at it.

“Yeah, that.”

“It’s something you probably don’t want to know about,” he says.

“I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know!” she says, glaring at him.

“Then that, my dear, is mistletoe,” he says. Her expression of shock has him laughing. “See? I told you that you didn’t want to know,” he teases her.

She gives him a look before walking stiff-leggedly to the wall. “That was not fair.”

“I didn’t kiss you,” he points out, following along and reaching for her hand. He doesn’t take it, leaving her to do that part.

“But it was—there was—oh for crying out loud, Christmas is a TERRIBLE holiday!” she declares. “I get why the Grinch wanted to steal it!”

“Because of mistletoe?” he asks, trying not to laugh. She grabs his wrist and hauls him through the wall.

“Because of mistletoe!” she agrees. “Mistletoe could force you to do terrible, terrible things!”

“I thought you were bragging just last week about how seductive a villainess you are,” he says as they enter the next house. Had he known this would be THIS entertaining, he wouldn’t have dreaded it so much.

“I AM a seductive villainess! But I’m not working as a villainess tonight, I’m working as an ELF!” she says. “And elves don’t kiss every Tom, Dick, or Century!”

“Well, that is true,” he says, “to a point. But elves have been well known to enjoy mistletoe, Sugar. It’s one of their favorite first Christmas date traditions.”

The surprise on her face almost makes him laugh. She shakes it off. “I want to put the presents out this time!” she says, grabbing the bag off of his back. “Hey, elves! We need presents for um…” she pauses, looking around for a moment before tapping on her watch and rattling off coordinates. She starts pulling presents out, looking extremely busy.

Century saunters over to the cookies and milk, helping himself as she does his work for him. She stops as she grabs the next present, and goes, “Toodles, do elves kiss under EVERY piece of mistletoe? Because Century implied that they do!”

“I said no such thing!” he says, almost choking on his milk.

“He made it sound like elves couldn’t keep their lips to themselves!” Skye goes on.

“I did not!” Century protests. “I said that mistletoe is a favorite for your first Christmas dates!” The sound of elves roaring with laughter from the other side of the bag’s portal almost has him tugging on his collar.

“And I told him that elves aren’t in the habit of kissing every Tom, Dick, or Century!” Skye says, prudishly.

“Now who’s being naughty?” he mutters as she makes a face at him.

“Well, it depends on how well the date is going,” he hears Toodles say. “How’s your first Christmas date going, Skye?”

Skye turns bright red, and then goes, “Oh, look at that, all the presents are delivered. Time to go to the next house!” she says, jumping to her feet and closing the bag quite emphatically. The sound of Toodles laughing comes from inside the bag, but she ignores it.


The night was a flurry of present giving and teasing. Now Skye is sound asleep against his shoulder as he flies the sleigh up to the North Pole to drop it off. “Skye, sugar? Wake up, sweetheart,” he says, gently.

She mumbles something and moves closer, not waking in the least. He gives up, landing the reindeer on their target spot and waiting for the platform to go under the ice. Toodles and his brother are standing there, grinning widely at the sight of them. Toodles rushes forward to undo the reindeer. Other elves step up, leading them away to their stalls for a warm meal and a well deserved brush down.

“So?” Santa says, “From what I heard, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be.”

“The company made it a lot more palatable, “ Century admits, tossing him the hat and trying to get out of the suit without waking Skye. When he’s handed that over, he scoops the sleeping villainess up, looking at her with a smile.

“I was expecting you to take Voltdrain with you,” Santa says.

“Voltdrain spends the holiday months helping out with a food drive for the homeless, “ Century says. “I wouldn’t take him away from the most important day for that.”

“I see,” Santa says. “But how did you get her to go, in his place?”

“She followed me,” Century says, moving her so her head is on his shoulder. “She thought I was sneaking around.”

“On who?” Santa asks.

“I wonder,” Century says, taking to the air and heading away.

“They’re so adorable,” Toodles says with a happy little sigh. “Now, I’m going to take a nap. I want to call Malina in a few hours.” She walks away, yawning largely, completely ignoring the mistletoe she walks under.

Santa looks up at it for a moment before sighing, and heading off to get the gifts for the Cape High schools ready.