Cape High Book 17 release!

So, here it is! Along with a tiny explanation. I was going to write a girl book (Sandra) but as I went on with the story, I realized it wasn’t how I wanted to develop her. Then there was this story that kept trying to sneak in on me. I switched over, and it accomplished what Sandra’s book WASN’T getting done–it developed her in the direction I wanted her to go. So you get a guy’s book, first.

May I present you with Lance’s story, Coyote’s Howl. Enjoy!

Advent Calendar 2016: Day Twenty-Four

Merry Christmas Eve, to those of you that celebrate it! I hope you all enjoy your celebrations<3 Today is, surprisingly enough, also the first day of Hanukkah! So to those of you that celebrate that, Happy Hanukkah! I wish you all love, joy, and peace!

Now, for the final Advent Calendar entry, our one and only brother of Santa, Century! (I’m going to take the rest of the year off<3)

NAME: Charles Benton
ALIAS: Century
AGE: 100+
ABILITIES: Time control (capacity to stop time for a large city for over an hour, at least), super speed, strength, flight, (let’s face it, this guy is SERIOUSLY dangerous.)
FAMILY: Kris Benton AKA Santa Clause
OCCUPATION: Leader of the South Branch Hall

HOBBIES:  running an oil company (he enjoys being an oil baron–but don’t worry, he’s dragged Nico into the work and made the processing EXTREMELY eco-friendly)
LIKES: Skye, his Hall, unique and interesting capes, looking good
DISLIKES: his brother, people not knowing their place in the game (Herold), snow

BIO: The son of Santa. Yeah, Century is from the very long, very venerable, and MASSIVELY powerful Santa line. His older brother took on the mantle when his dad was going to retire almost seventy years ago. There was a trial–they were each assigned half of the planet to deliver to (only those that believed in Santa, of course), and whoever finished first would become the next Santa. Century lost. There has been a lot of speculation over the years as to whether he even really tried to win. Century HATES snow. Years of living in the middle of a “winter wonderland” had him dreaming of sun and grass and anything warm. The first thing he did after losing the competition was to move south.

He met and married a wonderful norm woman not long after moving there. They were married for a very long time–until she passed away from old age. He’s still single, now. During the time, though, he started up the South Branch Hall (with assistance from the previous Falconess). He also started up his oil company, and brought Voltdrain up from where he was living in Mexico (which led to the South Branch being the protectors of Mexico, as well). When he lost his wife, he was heartbroken, and it’s taken a pretty long time for him to recover (although, honestly, he never will, completely). He’s still not completely sure about how he feels for Skye, especially since she’s so much younger than he is, but it hasn’t stopped him from teasing her a bit^_~

Century is a well-educated business owner, but he plays up the “good ‘ole boy” routine on a regular basis to see if people will underestimate him. He helped MAKE the new photo-op game, and even let Skye “steal” one of his credit cards. He keeps it up to date, and makes sure she can buy anything she wants or needs. He does the same in one way or another for all the other villains in his territory. He’s also extremely invested in the lives of his heroes. He and Voltdrain are good friends, and he considers Voltdrain’s daughter, Jimmi, his niece. He feels most guilty about Emily winding up in the Behts’ family–it was under his direction (he thought that she would be happy with other girls to keep her company.)

He would happily adopt Sandra if the Liberty family wasn’t interested–he’s come to the conclusion that he needs to save the “at-risk” capes, or at least make sure they don’t fall through the cracks. His Hall will definitely be taking in a large group of the Cape High graduates, if given the chance. He’s already placed a claim on Vinny, Carla, Rocco, and Lance (even if he has to share Carla and Rocco with Mastermental.)

Advent Calendar 2016: Day Twenty-Three

NAME: Kaden
AGE: 15/16
ABILITIES: Kinetic Energy Absorber type tank
OCCUPATION: Cape High student

HOBBIES: video games, comic books, exercising
LIKES: he’s pretty easy-going about everything, really.
DISLIKES: shirts… actually, clothes in general, really… but he has to at least wear pants.

BIO: Kaden’s history is pretty much a mystery for most people at the moment. They know that he’s Polynesian, originally from Hawaii, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s part of a super family, but he hasn’t said who they are. The rest of the zoo kids are just letting him decide when to tell it, himself. What they DO know is that roughly at the age of 14, Kaden was captured by Shadowman and placed in a very special cell. The walls of the cell were created to absorb any impact he might make on them. (That suggests that the Collector knew exactly what the boy would become. Sandra’s cage was the same.)

Kaden is one of the quietest of the zoo kids, as well as one of the ones that remained hidden from the world the longest. His time trapped in a cell was hard on him, and he feels guilty that he couldn’t break out. He was a tank, after all, but he was only just coming into his powers at the time. The thing that’s really drawn him out of his shell is when he was sent out into the field with Vinny and Zoe. He found himself with one person he already trusted with his life (Vinny), and another person that instantly started mothering him–and was tough enough to get away with it (Zoe). With that sort of stable atmosphere, he fell into the position he felt most comfortable with, the muscles of the group. (Although he did try to beat Zoe in an arm-wrestling competition and fail, but she was always more of the leader, regardless.)

He’s not quite as laid-back as Vinny is, but he’s a pretty close second. He’s a gentle giant, since he’s already well over 6′ at his age, and growing taller. He willingly follows whenever he can, choosing not to be a leader in any way. It isn’t that he’s stupid, it’s that he’s smart enough to know when to step back and wait for when it’s his time to do his thing. He loves music, but despite Vinny’s joking, he doesn’t know how to play the bongos. He isn’t one of those “Elvis movie boys” either. (But don’t worry, he teases Vinny about being Mafia all the time.) He DID like Lilo and Stitch, though!

He would actually be on the Liberty “list of kids to adopt” if they had a better idea of what family he has. Both Century and Marigold have already shown interest in him, and he’ll easily get a job in whatever Hall he wants. I could actually see him going to West so he could return to the islands.  (This one will probably be updated when I get around to writing his book.)

Advent Calendar 2016: Day Twenty-Two

NAME: Skye
ALIAS: Skystep
AGE: 25-26
ABILITIES: Intangibility, sky walking, S-class speed, strength, healing, and the ability to find other supers
FAMILY: Tatiana & Superior (adopted parents), Nico AKA Technico (brother, adopted), Liz AKA Firefly (sister, adopted), Rocco AKA Nightstep (“nephew” actually a cousin of sorts) Shadowman (great great uncle), Emily AKA Devine Justice (“niece”), Aubrey AKA Life Light (“niece”), Sunny, Zoe–hell, she would claim everyone, if she thought of it OTL
OCCUPATION: Super Villain of the South Branch (also quite popular in Central)

HOBBIES:  Bothering her partners, Doris and Ariel, bugging her family, being a little bit batty
LIKES: her new family, her partners, her base, her electronic skele-dino, nature
DISLIKES: earthquakes, avalanches, any chance that her loved ones might be involved in either of those

BIO: Skye is a very misunderstood super. She spent most of her life alone, and never got her highschool degree because she once tried to teach people to phase through objects and some scientists tried to experiment on her (they couldn’t catch her to try.) She moved into a run-down apartment building, only to run everyone off when they woke up to her head sticking through the floor. She kept living there (the manager was too terrified to run her off, and then Century arranged for her to stay there.) The place started falling apart, because it was old to begin with.

She was best friends with Emily’s mother, and often chased her and her husband around when they went out of town. One day, though, there was an avalanche in the mountains. Emily’s parents threw the norms they were trying to save to Skye, but never made it out, themselves. It really broke Skye’s heart. She became more and more difficult to deal with, and it went out of control when her usual “hero” left without telling her first (Flameblaster in Fire Hazard.) She beat up almost all of the South Branch and then came up to Central, where she found Emily. Unfortunately, Emily believed that she was responsible for her parents’ deaths. Once that was worked out (and after Liz almost killed her for scaring her adopted daughter), Skye claimed Emily as her niece, and Liz as her sister. It just ballooned from there, with Skye heading to the Arctic Circle and claiming Liz’s parents as her own, as well. (And since she entertained Tatiana, she was quickly adopted into the family.)

She also built herself a nice little team of all-girl villains, which Century dubbed the “Deadly Darlin’s.” She, Doris, and Ariel are now lined up to fight a super hero ladies duo, made up of Ruckus and Dollface. They’re having a blast, since Dollface shrinks everything into toyhouse sized places. Life would be perfect for Skye, except for two problems. 1) Her adopted parents are now guarding “Mother” who brainwashed her in the past, and she’s not happy about it. And 2) Century kissed her after he almost died, and now her partners are constantly teasing her about dating him. But hey, she’s the most powerful villain IN THE WORLD! (Not the sanest, or the most violent, or even the most villainous, but hey, still the most powerful!) She’ll figure out how to deal^_~


Advent Calendar 2016: Day Twenty-One

NAME: Ward
AGE: 14-15
ABILITIES: extreme growth (he can get taller than a three story building, atm) decent super speed and strength
FAMILY: Robert (last name unknown) AKA Mega (Possibly his father?)
OCCUPATION: Cape High Student

HOBBIES:  video games, studying, avoiding Mega
LIKES: Morgan… he’s slowly getting used to Jack and Mega
DISLIKES: Justin, idiots

BIO: Ward was an orphan (like a lot of the other zoo kids), who was raised in a Catholic Orphanage until he started coming into his powers. He didn’t fit in with the other kids even before he had his powers, honestly. He’s a bit difficult to get along with, since he’s one of those people that look down on others that do stupid things. He was caught by Shadowman and thrown into the zoo, where he tried to ignore the others. Only Morgan kept reaching out to him after he shot her down over and over again, and he soon became loyal to a fault to her. And then they were rescued.

At first he was jealous over everyone that tried to get close to Morgan, both protective and possessive–and then he got stuck with Jack. The poor kid was dragged around the world and named “the perfect lackey,” while being told “I’m gonna keep you!” by Jack all the time. Being so openly appreciated (even if Jack IS an idiot most of the time) really helped him, as did being out in a field. That he was so accepted by “an outsider” made it even better. Ward started calming down, and his world started to get larger.

And then Nico showed him a movie. The connection between him and Mega was undeniable, and Ward reluctantly told Nico to tell Mega about him. He didn’t expect anything to come out of it–poor kid couldn’t have been more wrong. Mega showed up seconds later, and hasn’t given up on getting close to him. Mega is such an overwhelming personality that Ward often finds himself dragged into the man’s pace. He even found his Advent Day taken over by him, although that worked out surprisingly well. It’s doing him good, being dragged out of his self-righteousness by people that can be as annoying as he is^_~ Not that he would EVER admit it, even to himself.

Advent Calendar 2016: Day Twenty

Okay, I should mention I’m doing a little bit of research for these, but mostly I’m doing them off the cuff–that means I had to correct a mistake in Rochester’s profile after it went up (he’s upper B-class strength and speed). So yell out if you see something you can prove is wrong from the books and where it is, and I’ll fix it^^ There are a LOT of characters to remember, and sometimes tiny details get lost on me. Especially things like age and what last name I gave them (if any.)

NAME: Jennifer Berkley (possibly Jennifer Gentry in the future–she likes her aunt better)
ALIAS: Blackbird
AGE: 17
ABILITIES: very good wind manipulation, D-class speed, strength, flight with a specialized suit. Altogether, she’s actually a Specialized C-class.
FAMILY: Barbara Gentry (aunt, parental figure), Jetta (sister), I honestly can’t remember (and don’t care) about her mom and stepdad.
OCCUPATION: Cape High Student, Cape High news reporter, future Villain TV reporter

HOBBIES: vlogging about EVERYTHING, especially the villains, hanging out with Elidee and Olivia (and now Keliah), bossing poor Freddy around.
LIKES: her aunt, her friends, her new life
DISLIKES: her past

BIO: The second daughter of a super, with a norm father, Jennifer wasn’t as strong as her older sister, and her mother and stepdad pretty much ignored her. Her aunt took her in and became her legal guardian (so her parents could focus on training Jetta, without having to deal with Jennifer.) Jen is actually a D-class cape. She might have sucked as a cape, but she was amazing as a norm. She quickly made a place for herself at school, cheerleading, dating popular boys, etc. Unfortunately she set her eyes on a jock that picked a fight with Ace. Things fell apart from there, with her sister moving in on a fake Ace (see Aces Wild for more.)

After her sister headed back home, she was approached by Nico to join Cape High. There was a large argument between her mother and her aunt over it, even though her aunt had the final say. Jen didn’t actually wind up going to the school until people started distrusting supers, thanks to Herold. The guy she had been crushing on outed her, so it was too dangerous for her to be at a norm school.

She was terrified of the fact she was a D-class getting out at her new school, but when Keliah broke her nose, she couldn’t exactly hide it all that well. To her surprise, nobody really cared, especially after Ace helped her realize what she could do with her powers. With a bit of help from Nico, she’s well on her way to becoming a stealth-type gadget super! Not only that, but Andre Harrison (her aunt’s boss) told her of his big plans for her. She is now lined up to be the first reporter for Villain TV. The villains love the fact that they’re going to get their own channel, so the future is extremely bright for this little Blackbird. Oh, and Freddy has a very big crush on her–which doesn’t hurt!

Advent Calendar 2016: Day Nineteen

Rochester, who was originally nicknamed Roch (it was too close to Rocco for the series) is actually a ret-con of a character I roleplayed for a very long time. The original Rochester was a teenager, but I played him long enough that he actually grew up to be 19, or so. I gave up roleplaying to write Cape High–and he was honestly the only thing about it that broke my heart to leave behind. Thus, the Rochester you know today^^ He’s older, has different abilities, but he’s still got the same personality! One of these days I’m going to write the short of how he gets his Cape High G.E.D. I’m really looking forward to it<3

NAME: Rochester Scythe
ALIAS: N/A (Although he’s been discussing it with Century.)
AGE: 39ish
ABILITIES: Psychometric, upper B-class speed, strength
FAMILY: Francisco “Cisco” Scythe (Son)
OCCUPATION: South Branch Hall member, future Cape High South professor, guitarist for the Sundown Blues Boys in the French Quarter

HOBBIES:  playing his guitar–seriously, he might make money from it, but he’s ALWAYS playing, money or not.
LIKES: his son, music, parties, a good drink, good food (Living in the French Quarter, he became quite a foodie)
DISLIKES: Well, he wasn’t too fond of the idea of going Hall, before, but it’s working out well.

BIO: Rochester was born in the ghetto, grew up bouncing from system to system (foster – Juvenile detention.) He never got a proper education, because his powers started coming in. On the other hand, they couldn’t keep him anywhere they tried to put him. With his psychometric abilities, he can pinpoint escape routes ANYWHERE. He can also use any item that he touches as well as anyone who previously touched it could. As in, if he touched an instrument played by a master, he became a master. The skills don’t leave him, either. He might have picked up an ability when he was thirteen, and he would still be able to use it today. Not only can he use his abilities on items, he can also use them on people. He gets a clear insight into what they’ve done in the past just by shaking their hands.

Rochester’s last girlfriend stayed with him just long enough to have his kid, and then left him along with the baby. He’s raised Cisco since the boy was born–he found a lot of support with the Sundown Blues Boys, a group of older black men that kindly allowed him to join their band, provided that he didn’t try to sing. Sam, the drummer, was starting to teach Cisco how to drum when Cisco accidentally outted himself and his father. The boy was accused of stealing and when a cop touched him, he accidentally saw the cop being shot and freaked out.

Rochester packed them up that night and made a run for it. He contacted the South Branch Hall, and was assigned a trial (dealing with a crazy old lady–see Super Girls/Superior Girl). Once he made himself useful, and found out that there’s a school for super kids, Rochester settled into the South Branch. Century got him his old job back with the band and sent Cisco to Cape High (until CHS is built, then the boy will move back).

Rochester is the most baby-faced of the supers we know. Although he’s almost forty, he’s tall and wiry, and could easily pass for 18-20. He has hair so blonde that it would be white if it was two shades lighter. He has tons of piercings and tons of tattoos–to the point where both arms are sleeve tattoos. He tends to underestimate himself because other capes are more traditionally strong or powerful, but Rochester could easily be one of the most dangerous ones. Fortunately, he prefers playing his guitar and doting on his son. Century is overjoyed to finally have a psychic type, and indulges him a bit too much. Rochester realizes that, and drops everything when he’s asked to do something.

Recently, there’s been a bit of flirting with Dollface, a new member of the South Branch. Rochester doesn’t expect much out of it, since his relationships tend to fail thanks to his powers, but Dollface is an ex-elf. She doesn’t have many deep, dark secrets to hide, so who knows? (Skye might have also had a passing fancy for the guitarist, but Century would kill him if he even thought of it.)