Time for a Cape High update!

Yes, I went under for a month and a half, that happens when I’m writing^^ And now is the time to say the stuff that I always forget to say while I’m in Cape High world.

My love and my prayers go out to the teens and teachers in Florida, who went through such a horrible experience. I know that a lot of people feel helpless and hopeless right now, especially students. You might be thinking, regardless of where you are, “What if this happens at my school? What if the person I just walked past is thinking thoughts like that?” And all I can say is that if you have those thoughts, it’s even more reason to reach out, to talk to the adults, and to talk to your fellow students. I would also strongly suggest going to a preacher, or priest, or any other leader who you trust, and just speaking with them. Ask them your questions, tell them your fears. They want to help you get through this. God loves you, I love you, and I know that there are more all around you that love you, as well, and strongly desire to protect you.

Now, for a higher point, the next Cape High book! Some of you might have guessed, some might not have, but our next book is another Sunny book. (Yes, I know, I want to do a Kaden book, or a Ward book, or a dozen others, as well, but for this one I needed Sunny.) The rough draft is finished as of today! The title will be Rise and Shine, and we’ll get to see Sunny awake for over ninety percent of the book! So exciting! Of course that means I’ve got more stuff to do. I need to print, read-through, edit, send to my betas, get a cover made, fix the edits that my betas send me, and so on. All of this could take a while, I’m afraid, but we’re on the downward slope! Please be patient, since the rough draft is already at 85k words, and I haven’t done bonus chapters yet.

And for the final note, Super Villain Dad has been nominated for a writing competition! I haven’t done writing competitions for years. (Did you know that Cape High turns five years old this October? Yeah, I’m stunned, too!) Unfortunately I don’t know if there’s actual voting involved (I don’t think there is,) but I got a nifty little badge to post! So you get to admire it, at least! It’s sortta shiny<3